reasons why to start or transition to an online business

Did it ever occur to you that only by starting your own business you can really shape your own lifestyle?

Starting up – or transitioning to – an Online Business in particular has many advantages compared to being an employee or compared to starting up a traditional business.

Whatever your reasons for change are, let’s just explore the TOP 5 reasons why I believe every person should seriously consider starting their own Online Business.

But what keeps people from taking action?

And how can you make sure that you keep moving forward to reach your dreams …

1. Low Financial Risk

Risk is one of the main reasons why people don’t want to start their own business. People generally fear taking risks. But seriously …

Just think about it: what do you actually need when you start your own Online Business? Actually, there are only 4 things you need at the very minimum to get started:

  1. Have a basic understanding of how the internet works,
  2. Learn where to find customers and how to attract customers,
  3. Learn how to sell your products or services to your customers
  4. Set up your company website.

So basically this is all you need to invest in in order to get started! If we quickly go over those four items, you’ll notice that it’s actually a lot easier then you might initially think. 🙂

First of all, setting up a website nowadays is super easy, quick and cheap. On average, it will cost you a few hundreds – if you want to outsource this – or several days of work – if you want to do this yourself. This varies depending on both your expectations and your preferences. Secondly, you can find training everywhere on the internet. The quality of most training, however, varies greatly so make sure you choose wisely! I can help you get started with a free video workshop on this if you want. All you need to do for this is sign up here and I’ll send you the free video training where my mentor explains to you more about starting an online business.

Thirdly, you’ll need to come up with a product or service to provide for your customers. But, think about this twice. We are all in business because we’re solving a particular problem. Think about this carefully: what problem do you want to solve? If this is too difficult at this moment, don’t worry. There are also business models in which you don’t even need to find a product or service, such as in affiliate marketing for instance. This can be a very solid way to start your online adventure!

Now, if you compare the minimum setup to get started online with what is needed to start up a traditional business, there are many things you don’t need to worry about. Such as:

  • you don’t need a store
  • you don’t need to stock your products
  • you don’t need to invest in an inventory
  • you don’t need employees
  • you don’t need to physically be available

So, you don’t need a lot of money to get started with your own Online Business. So, what’s the risk then?

The only risk is that you’ll be wanting to quit when the journey gets tough. You need to allow yourself the time to learn, make mistakes and keep going. Nobody became successful in their first attempt! But when you’re eager to learn, then I’m sure you’ll make it to the other side the sooner or later.

Learn how to become an online entrepreneur

2. You can build up gradually

When you are setting up your own online business – or transitioning your current business from offline to online – you can do so in any way you like. You can quit your job and go all-in, or you can also set up your online business in your spare time and build it up gradually.

If you are already in business, it will feel more natural to go all-in: to get the necessary knowledge and start applying it. This is because you already have an entrepreneurial mindset. That’s great! But if you’re an employee, I’d recommend that you gradually grow your online business on the side first. Don’t underestimate the mental transition needed towards entrepreneurship, as this might take some time.

When you master both the mindset as the skill set of being an Online Entrepreneur, you can start automating your online business! This is – in my opinion – the most exciting part: this is where you can start replacing your efforts by automation!

This is also … the key to freedom. Automation is what will free up your time massively, enabling you to maintain your business by working only a few hours a day!

On top of that, you can consider outsourcing certain aspect as well so that you can focus on what you’re passionate about. Whatever this may be!

For me this means being able to pursue my equestrian dream whilst not having to sacrifice in any other field in my life: my family, my friends, traveling and entrepreneurial fulfillment!

But more importantly, what could this mean for you? Maybe you like to travel a lot and you’re silently dreaming of becoming a digital nomad! Or maybe you like to spend more time with your kids, your partner, your hobbies. Or you’re just passionate about entrepreneurship and you’ll start another business on top of that!

My point is … Do not underestimate the possibility of this online freedom. Becoming an Online Entrepreneur enables you to work from wherever you want, whenever you want, and to live life completely on your own terms.

Want to become a digital nomad? Experience how online entrepreneurship can give you the freedom you want!

3. You can leverage your income

This argument needs some clarification, as it relates heavily to the opportunity of automation. Let me explain using an example.

Let’s say you are passionate about the equestrian sport just as I am. You’ll probably know a lot about it, that others don’t. Now, if you were to make an online training course or an (E-)book focusing on dressage tips & tricks for young horses for instance. You only have to do this once, but you can multiply your income by selling this course infinitely! And most importantly: in an automated way! Now, this enables you to leverage your income.

start an equine online business

With leveraging I mean that you can get out of the circle where you’re trading time for money. You know the expression “time is money”. Well, when you are working from paycheck to paycheck, what are you actually doing? Exactly. This is what I mean when I say you’re trading your time for money. Setting up an Online Business enables you to develop your product or service just once, and then just simply scale up by automation. Because via automation you can sell your product … infinitely! That’s right! Are you getting my point?

4. Start living the life you want!

After point 1, 2 and 3, I am building up to the fact that you can start shaping you life on your own terms. Actually, I already pointed out you can actually create the lifestyle you want.

Yet still many people tend to be skeptical. I understand that. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and opportunities will only speak to those who are open to receive it.

If it does speak to you, but you’re holding back for some reason, why don’t you just give it a try? The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll learn something. That isn’t so bad, is it? 😉

What would you do if you were ten times bolder? 🙂 Make sure you have no regrets in life!

Look at what you could potentially gain from it. No more commuting for instance. More time for what you love to do. How excited would you be when doing something you absolutely love? Feel enthusiastic again!

Experience the freedom of Online entrepreneurship

5. Become Passionate again!

This brings me to my last point. When was the last time you felt passionate about what you do? Many people forget that if you stop learning in life, you stop growing as a person. And when you stop growing as a person … You will start dying as a person …

So, my advice would be to take a decision for yourself. What do you want in life? Do you want to progress in life? Or do you prefer to start dying?

If you want to give yourself a boost in energy, I would strongly advise you to turn your passions into an Online Business. You will immediately feel enormously fulfilled whilst sharing your passions with the world!

Cheers to online entrepreneurship! ?

I hope to see you on the other side.

Loes Derks

Transition your business from offline to online

If you want to explore whether this is something for you as well, then start watching the FREE Video Training explaining more about how you can turn your passions into a profitable online business.

On top of that, you’ll also receive my lessons learned so far and my inspirational content to motivate you to achieve your best life!

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Then what keeps people from taking action?

Did it ever occur to you that all the things we want in life are only achievable by overcoming your own fears?

Many people are stuck in their own mind made prison with thoughts like “I can’t do that“, “I don’t deserve that“, “I am not smart enough“, “What do I have to offer“, “I am not strong enough“, and so on. If you truly think about all those thoughts, you will notice those are all expressions of fear. Fear for the unknown. Fear to fail. Fear of being unaccepted by others.

The truth is we can only change our own thoughts, not that of others. If we change our own thoughts, we are able to change our feelings and also our actions. That is exactly the reason why success is only the result of our own mindset!

Just think of it. Has any thought about something you can’t do, ever led to achieving that particular thing? It didn’t, correct? That is because you were trapped in your mind made prison made up of your own thought that you couldn’t.

But what actions would you have taken if you did believe you could do this? Chances are high you would have taken different actions, that are more likely to achieve the wished result.

The funny thing is that most people don’t become happier by doing the things they already do. People become happier by changing their own mindset. Changing their own thoughts pattern from a space where you KNOW you can trust yourself and that you can achieve anything you want in life.

Did that idea ever occur to you? Let me know what you think about my sharing in the comment section down below!

What can you do to keep going?

Entrepreneurship is a bumpy ride. You’ll have many moments in which you will want to give up. The thing is that successful entrepreneurs always KEEP GOING. Why? Because of a deep DESIRE!

But even then, time will come that your desire might not exceed the frustrations at a certain moment. What will keep you going is mentorship and guidance throughout this process!

You see, when I started my online business, I also had a coach. I had the pleasure to receive the guidance of Stuart Ross. He is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs I know. He has built up tens of multi-million dollar businesses.

Why is that interesting? Because he has designed a training program to get you started with your first online business if you want. But before we get there, let me first give you some insight into what to expect from that training program.

Online Training on How to Start Your Online Home Business

First of all, you don’t need any prior knowledge at all, because the process will guide you step-by-step. The training program is put together by proven experts in the field. They will share their knowledge with you through hands-on tutorials, E-Learnings as well as weekly live and interactive training sessions.

Secondly, because this program is literally designed to get you started with a step-by-step approach, you will be able to earn while you learn. As with any business you would set up, you will need to invest time, effort and some money to get started. However, this program is unique because it enables you to get your first results while you are only setting up your business!

Start your Online Business with PSP

Thirdly, if you are willing to do what it takes, we have got your back throughout the whole journey! More in detail, this is what you can expect in terms of support:

  • a dedicated Customer Loyalty team for all your technical questions,
  • an assigned Business Consultant to get you started,
  • an active and live community to mastermind with forever,
  • and … weekly coaching and support within our community!

If you want to explore whether this is something for you as well, then start watching the FREE Video Training explaining more about how you can turn your passions into a profitable online business.

On top of that, you’ll also receive my lessons learned so far and my inspirational content to motivate you to achieve your best life!

Last but not least, you’ll be invited to our weekly Q&A Webinars where you can ask all of your questions and mastermind about your business ideas!

After you’ve watched the FREE Video Training, you’ll be so excited that you will want to get started and fast forward with the ALL-IN Package for only $99!

*DISCLAIMER – What makes this online business opportunity unique is that this training system and methods are first class and given with integrity. This means that we have high standards and norms and that we are transparent. Individual results vary depending on a multitude of factors. Therefore, we cannot guarantee certain results when making use of our training and business systems. All the products and services we provide are for educational and information purposes only. Although we have a multitude of success stories achieved by our members, this does not mean you will get the same results. Because individual results will depend heavily on your determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions, it happens that some people do not earn any money at all with our program.

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If you have any questions, feel free to put them in the comment section down below as well! I will be more than happy to help you as much as I can.

5 Reasons why to start or transition to an Online Business

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