Animals have always fascinated me deeply. But, when I came into contact with horses, I felt a deep connection telling me that this is my true passion in life.

The only constraint was time. It’s very challenging to be a dedicated equestrian, work full-time, maintain a social life and still provide for your family.

This lack of time resulted in a rollercoaster period, as I had constantly been experiencing conflicts that came down to making more severe decisions about how I want to spend my time.

The main decision I took is to flip my career around and become a Digital Entrepreneur. This unlocked a whole new chapter in my life of personal growth, fulfillment and came with a lot of challenges!

In business, I love (online) marketing, digital automation and business coaching. But as I’m still passionate about horses, I’m blending the two: I want to help at least 1000 equestrians to live their best life!

So if you are an equestrian business owner or entrepreneur and you need help with your marketing, then I might be the perfect match to help you grow your business!

Other than horses, I’m also a dog person, I love traveling worldwide and enjoying family time! 😉

My mission

My mission is to help at least 1000 equestrians to grow their business online via online marketing strategy and implementation.

My company’s name is PSP Lifestyle. This reflects my mission of equestrian entrepreneurship from a source of Passion, Spirit and Perseverance. Because I believe that’s what it takes to build your own business.

You can do this too

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