How you discover whether you're an entrepreneur

If you feel the urge to start a business, then read this blog post about how I discovered the path that led me to entrepreneurship.

I am Loes, partner of my significant other, not yet mother nor wife but on my way to becoming one and I have a weakness for people that take initiatives. They dare to challenge the status quo and create a better world. It is actually almost 2 years ago I decided to follow my intuition in the journey of replacing my well-paid job for my own business.

I was making sure that the companies I worked for were taken to the next level in terms of operational efficiency and become future-proof in terms of IT systems, processes and people. Since then I am building every day on a future in a whole other market!

I don’t consider myself to be an expert, I do consider myself to be perseverant. With passion, I am sharing my story to motivate those who are looking to find their entrepreneurial self with a high five and a fist! 😉

Chop chop.

Rules of the game

I like to do business. It is pure, it takes away the fringes and it challenges you to become better than you are today. It requires a full focus on the next step and to only speak the truth. Something else won’t make you progress.

You decide on your agenda and actions. A privilege that comes with 100 % responsibility. If it goes well, it’s your gain, if it goes bad than it’s even more your gain. There is no scapegoat. Take it or leave it.

If I’m honest, in the past I sometimes felt the tendency to feel less responsible for bad results. It was comfortable. Talking about comfort…

Intuition, brutal honesty and hard work!

The path to entrepreneurship doesn’t go according to plan. You follow your intuition without knowing how the day after tomorrow will look like. You will explore your path as you go, not by inventing a theoretical plan.

Maybe this insight is disappointing, it is the truth. You won’t wake up in the morning with the next Unicorn on your notebook (sights). For a long time, I thought this was the path to entrepreneurship.

But it’s ok, in the meantime, I learned that there are no shortcuts to success. During my journey, I had the pleasure to experience what is important in business and I want to share that with you.

It learned me to see that:

  • Intuition
  • Honesty
  • And hard work

Will be rewarded the sooner or later.

An insight that is written down here quickly, but it is the result of many years of experience, searching, falling and getting back up.

Before we go deeper into this, we turn back time for a moment.


During my youth, I was cycling through life. School went without too many cracks, I sported quite driven, I spend a lot of time in nature and had cool friends.

Early in my puberty, I learned to fit into a system and to obey at school. I was relatively good at it and I did a lot to turn on a smile on other people’s faces.

A pleaser, you know them kind? They do everything to please other people and forget themselves sometimes. This mindset led me through my studies and brought me to become an IT Project Manager in the corporate consultancy world.

It was there, in the corporate world, that I learned my most important lesson…

Cash is King, authenticity is Queen.

I enjoyed my time as an IT project manager and maybe this sounds familiar:

– a sexy salary package
– nice colleagues
– and timeless career possibilities.

And yet, while I didn’t fall short on anything, I always felt like the maverick, the misfit, the off one… It was a subtle hint that I only understood after I made the decision to start my own business.

After 5 years of walking in pace, I felt locked up and I lost my creativity. Thanks to a mentor I received the possibility to combine my job with a marketing opportunity that was out of scope for my role. Thanks Chief, you know who you are!

This is how entrepreneurship feels to me

Several months flew by, but it quickly became stormy inside again.

It was subtle, it was always haunting me down and if I truly listened, it was deafening. It was my intuition that made clear to me: ‘I wasn’t made for corporate life, this isn’t my story’.

 ‘Fuck. Did I really want this insight?!’

At that moment, I felt like I had to start my life all over again and that I had been wasting a lot of precious time. I unexpectedly got to learn myself better and I obviously still had to deal with it. Later on, I realized I needed this experience to take on the next hurdle.

If you recognize yourself in this story, then I can tell you doubtless that entrepreneurship can be your thing. I make this statement because on the right moments you need a clear message to see something. Me too, I needed a push (or 7) along the way. But as long as you are listening to and following your intuition, you’ll sooner or later find yourself exactly where you belong.

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Cheers to entrepreneurship!

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How you discover whether you’re an entrepreneur

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